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February 2013

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johnfreemann in leon_x_claire



Oh well I'm new but I feel like I've known you for guys for like ever. I just got into Resident Evil [five days ago, actually] and I love love LOVE Leon and Claire. I'm studying to become a Concept Artist and Character Design and to practice I did Claire; but now it actually spurred me into wanting to make a story or A COMIC GASP!

Haha well I've actually never played any of the games except for right now I am playing the Gamecube version of Resident Evil as Jill. I am fucking TERRIFIED of this game and I haven't played for two days because I'm so scared. Stupid zombies and Barry telling me not to leave the courtyard because somethings immune to bullets. I'll go out there fucking anyways.

Annnyyywayysss...before I was into RE I picked up a copy of the Playstation Magazine, and on the cover was one of the new characters for ORC and Leon's reflection in his eyes. I never noticed it until a few days ago. But anways, as I read the article, something really pissed me off. Re-read it, said the opposite of what I thought.

Anyways, CapCom KNOWS that everyone loves Leon, and they're taking advantage of it by making one of the gameplays be "Kill Leon", where you hunt him down, and as the title says, kill him.

What the FUCK, Capcom? Why are you pushing away the original, FUN, fucking terrifying game with the awkward camera angles and the limited ammo and the useless knives and the retarded controls and instead go with over the shoulder [ots], non-scary, Left 4 Dead style? I bought Left 4 Dead for L4D, I don't want another fucking game if I already have one like it?? AND WHY THE FUCK ARE YOU PUSHING AWAY CLAIRE FROM LEON? I SWEAR IF CLAIRE IS NOT  IN DAMNATION I AM GOING TO STRANGLE THE FUCK OUT OF CAPCOM AND WRING THEIR NECK AND FEED IT TO CROCODILES.

And this is from someone who's not even halfway through the first game.


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It's Dead

Of course this place is dead, the events in RE4, Degeneration and Dark Side Chronicles put an end to this couple, and since then this fan base has been slowly dyeing. The fan listings don't have that many people listed and 271 Members is not a lot and I remember that number being bigger. But the L/C fans (where are they?) can’t see it, just like they can’t see that Wesker is actually dead. There’s been fewer and fewer fan fiction and fan art, both here and at other places. There’s been more 3D art, but by non-L/C fans. Most so-called L/C fans have moved on for them and have instead put Leon with someone else (the three A’s or the one that starts with a M) and having Claire being with Steve or… oh god (leave it to the RE fans to come up with this one) Wesker………

What little fan fiction there is has both of them acting out-of-character… then again, what else is new. Lying and exaggeration by so-called L/C fans has lead Leon to being called a womanizer. Capcom doesn't care what there fans say, the interview that came out before Dark Side Chronicles should have shown people here that. And RE Operation Raccoon City is going to be a what-if game, its non-canon game. Leon will still alive.

Re: It's Dead

Actually, I did some snooping around and there are a few places where it's quite active. It doesn't really matter if there hasn't been a lot of activity, it just means some people aren't doing art as much. They don't always have to have it L/C. And it doesn't bother me that people are moving on because everyone does, eventually. They might even still like the pairing and move on. Happens to everyone. Yeah, people have those pairings but we can still like L/C if we'd like. We're just fucking stubborn. Yes. The pairings. Don't even get me started [besides Chris/Jill, I think L/C is pretty much one of the sane couples that makes sense.]

Hey, we honestly can't vouch because we've never seen them in a normal situation, except maybe Claire for about 5 minutes in Degeneration. Plus, there WERE a few hints of L/C in RE:D, even in the bloopers. I also know Leon will be alive, I was just tired of Capcom using Leon all the damn time. He's going to be the new Chris or something.