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A Match Made In Heaven

That Ain't Afraid to Die

Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield
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Thank you a_novelty_spoon for the amazing picture you drew oh so many years ago for us.

Welcome to a community dedicated to one of the best, and possibly most controversial, couples of the Resident Evil series, Leon and Claire.

Please, feel free to join the community and post fanfiction, fan art, wallpapers, icons, or even if you just want to post your opinion of our favourite couple.

Though we try to make this community as open and fun for everyone as possible, there are some rules we would appreciate everyone to abide by.


1. No spamming.
2. If you are posting pictures or large pieces of writing, please put them behind an LJ cut.
3. This community is dedicated to Leon/Claire, so let's try to avoid speaking of a certain annoying complication known as Ada.

Posting Fanfiction

We definitely encourage people to post their Leon/Claire fanfiction in this community.
However, when doing so, we would greatly appreciate it if you could set the entry up like the following:


(LJ cut fanfiction/fanart)

It does not have to be identical to this example, but to have those general aspects in them would be great.
Please keep that in mind especially if a piece of writing, or even a fanart, has smut or hentai in it.
People should be warned of what lies behind LJ cuts before they click on them.

All in all, please try to have a good time and enjoy yourself here.

Leon/Claire is true love.

Leon/Claire is love.